Our goal

We are a collective whose goal is to develop and promote the outdoor pingpong culture.
We aim to encourage each and everyone of you to pick up a racket and come out to your local park to play.
Wether you're younger or older, experienced or unexperienced. Anyone can play with a little practice!

Where did it all start?

Over the last couple years, at the heart of Oslo, a strong table tennis community has developed in Schous Plass. What was a regular square with a few benches, and two pingpong tables became soon a place of meeting for all pingpong lovers around.
We became part of the life of Schous, and turned it into a safe open space of play, and exchange.

We are a very eclectic mix, from all countries, backgrounds and ages. We are composed of very different individuals that if taken apart you wouldn’t think would hang out together. But we have one common love : playing pingpong outdoors.
Schous is today a synonym of integration, cross-generational interactions, and inclusion.

Schous works differently than other parks, the tables don’t belong to the person that wants to use them for an hour or two. The tables belong to everyone, and we rotate. If you come with your racket on your own you can just ask to play and get in line.
There is always someone. That’s part of the beauty of it, you don’t need a partner, you just come and you’ll find someone to play with. You can be spontaneous. No need to plan. If the thought of playing pops in your mind you can just grab your racket and go to Schous and you’ll find someone to play for sure.

And that's what we want to recreate all over the city of Oslo. We want to encourage this social phenomenon.
A safe space that is including and supportive and fun to be around. Building new and unexpected friendships.
Encouraging the learning and exchanging.

A unique phenomenon was created here in Oslo thanks to table tennis, and we would like to develop it.
Help us, sign up to become a member, and let's build together the biggest outdoor pingpong community in the world !